The Poutsma Family

family tree and other information

Welcome on the site about the history of the family Poutsma!

This is a site about the Poutsma family. The idea was born because I (in the picture the person with most hair) received all kinds of papers about the family from my father Job Poutsma (left in the picture). This included a genealogy tree that was given to him by his father (Henk Poutsma and right in the picture). Few of the family members had seen this information. I thought it would be a good idea to make a website from it so it could be looked into by all other Poutsma's. Through the family tree it is possible to see were the Poutsma's are living now and to see some historical information.

The Poutsma's originate from the northern Dutch province of Friesland. They are a family of teachers and clergymen. The family record starts with at 1579 with Tammerus Gerhardi.

To this website a family tree is connected. I have limited myself to the Poutsma family and have not gone far in the female line in order limit the amount of information.

I hope that everybody that finds missing of false information contacts us we van make it complete.